World Health Day 2017

We are healthgrey group. The name may be temporary, but we’re in it for the long haul.

We live health and wellness every day. We raise awareness of diseases, educate physicians on MOAs and patients on side effects, and champion causes that keep people living longer, more fulfilling lives. Most of us are here because of personal experiences and lifelong passions. But on this day, we felt the need to step up our game.

So, in honor of World Health Day, and inspired by our brothers and sisters at Grey London who took a stand for diversity (, we’re changing our name to healthgrey group. It’s a temporary gesture that supports a lasting idea: we all need to remember to put health first.

The name change is only the beginning. All day long, our employees will be speaking out and reminding everyone why health matters. And in the afternoon, to honor the WHO’s theme of mental health, we will close our doors early and giving our team a chance to recharge, unwind, and do something healthy, whatever that means to each of them.

Health is such a personal thing. But it’s an important thing worthy of being first. There’s no better time to start than now.

For more information on World Health Day and the WHO’s year-long initiative on mental health, please visit

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