Combining two for something new

When you have a work problem you can’t figure out, who do you normally turn to? I’ll bet it’s most likely someone in a similar field to yourself. After all, the saying goes “great minds think alike”. But therein might lie the problem. When trying to find a solution to a unique problem, someone with the same way of thinking as yourself may not be the best person to provide new insights and solutions. In our industry, almost every problem is unique and requires a creative and insightful solution. So who do we turn to? The answer is… everyone.

Reaching out to someone in a completely different field can send your thinking barreling down a new pathway, often leading to exciting new discoveries. Here are some examples of strange partnerships leading to creative solutions.

Like data for chocolate

Data visualisation is all the craze, as you may know. And everyone is looking for new and exciting ways to bring their dry and oftentimes boring data to life. Take Jack Zhao, a data visualiser who had a delicious idea to combine census data with a designer/chocolatier/Instagram-famous baker to show the ancestry of Sydney. Taking the predominant ancestry from different parts of Sydney and researching the flavour combinations used by those people, they made boxes of chocolates showcasing the literal taste of Sydney suburbs. They even went so far as to 3D print maps of the main streets onto each chocolate. Data never went down so well!

Origami… the final frontier

Finding new ways to get intricate machinery into the stratosphere is a complicated endeavour. So, researchers at NASA turned to the ancient Japanese art of origami (paper folding). Using techniques from origami, engineers are working on creating equipment that folds up for storage and transport, then unfolds to fulfil its duty once in space.

Helping nurses dispense medication… a new pilot program

One healthcare network discovered issues with nurses when they were dispensing medications, oftentimes getting them wrong. Further investigation revealed they were making the errors due to distractions. So they turned to a group of people whose job description includes remaining calm in emergencies – airline pilots. By implanting a similar ‘no distraction zone’ policy to that of major airlines, the network was able to reduce the number of errors in medication dispensing.

Sudler & Hennessey Sydney and…

Almost everyone we meet. As a diverse group of people, we all bring something unique to the table, and constantly tap into our networks of friends, family, previous co-workers, that lady from Pilates class, the bloke in the pub and many, many more. We are always on the lookout for our next idea, always ready to be inspired by the world at large. So next time you have a creative problem, and need a creative and insightful solution, think of Sudler & Hennessey Sydney!

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