Asthma Awareness, GSK

Leading physicians and asthma organisations had been trying to tackle asthma non-adherence for years. We needed to shake things up and grab the attention of asthma patients with a new way of communicating the importance of treating properly.

Almost 50% of asthma patients don’t have an asthma treatment plan. Plus, as many as 9 out of 10 asthma patients don’t use their asthma treatment device properly, and adherence continues to be an ongoing issue.

Our approach was to engage patients with humorous analogies that dramatised the importance of doing things properly. We created an integrated campaign that included TV, radio, local press, plus in-clinic posters, a patient questionnaire and an extensive website.
GSK were hoping that 10% of patients would visit their doctor to discuss their asthma management. The campaign had an overwhelming response, with 42.2% of those exposed to the TV ad discussing asthma with their doctor.