RA Awareness

Life with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is extremely difficult. Patients deal with painful joints, crippling fatigue, and the fear of their condition getting worse. What’s more, RA is misunderstood because most patients look relatively healthy. The insidious nature of RA makes it hard for patients to express how they feel. Friends, family and even healthcare professionals don’t fully understand what sufferers go through.

While discussing their condition can be daunting, patients need to keep talking to their doctor about treatment options as communication is key to managing symptoms effectively.

We created a direct-to-consumer TVC and online film that focused on the nightmare of living with RA:
Some days RA patients feel fine, but the next day they could wake up to a living nightmare. Climbing out of bed is horrific. Getting dressed is a huge obstacle. And leaving the house is a daunting task. Although patients with RA go through hell, they never give up. And they should never give up talking to their doctor about their treatment options.

The campaign not only struck a chord with patients, it also raised awareness of RA throughout the community. Mainstream TV grabbed the attention of over 15 million Australians, we reached nearly 7.5 million people via Facebook, encouraged more than 4,500 social media reactions, and 55,000 click throughs. With an initial target of 30,000 Australians living with RA, the response to the campaign exceeded expectations. We empowered many patients to have an open conversation about treatment options with their doctor. And helped others understand what it’s like to live with RA.